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About our Pickles


We could tell you how good our

Sweet Spicy Dill Pickle Chips

are, but instead, we will share

with you what many of our 

customers are saying . . .

"These pickles are so amazing!" 

"I can't stop eating them!"

"We finished off our jar in one day!"

"They are soooo addicting!" 

"I am hiding this jar from my family!" 

"Me and my mom fought over them."

"These are the best pickles on the planet!"

"You guys should go on Shark Tank!"

"You're the only reason I even got out today!"

"Hands down the Best Pickle Ever!"

... just to quote a few.


We also want to thank and recognize all the local businesses that have partnered with us.  These businesses have played a huge part in letting us set up on their property in order to get pickles to you - our customers!






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